Easy Ways To Lose Fat By Weight Workout For Women

Even when you eat healthily and follow a fitness routine throughout the year but some intake of fast food makes you fat. Nowadays everybody is fitness conscious but the main problem is that people don't know, what is the best and correct way to lose weight. This article is focusing on best workout routines.

Most of the women start with cardiovascular exercises whenever they need to get fit and slim.  Weight fitness has also seen to cut body fat and make women toned and fit.
Maybe the reason for this approach is that with cardio more calories are burnt and the mindset that by using weights, one can only build muscles and not lose calories. Only a few common people know a workout routine that takes advantages of both cardiovascular exercises and weight lifting. Also, many women and even men, don’t lift weights when it about getting slim or fit.
Without any doubt, you need to join the gym.  Cardio loses weight but here we will talk about the benefits of weight lifting to lose weight.

Great boost in metabolism

There is a very popular saying that building muscles burn fat. Which means muscles are inversely proportional to fat. More muscle, less fat and more fat means a low rate of muscle building. Building muscles do not burn fat directly but it increases your metabolic rate which in turns burns fat.

Fat tissues need no energy to maintain its position at your different body parts, so in order to make it go away, you need to do some physical work to make it burn. While the muscle tissue needs the energy to stay and therefore it requires some calories each day to remain where it is. Which explains why muscle mass consumes more energy.

Having the right eating habits and correct exercise routine, any women can put on some muscle mass in a short period of time. Estimating the number of calories required every day to sustain the muscle, you can lose a significant amount of fat every year without doing any cardio but only by having some muscle mass.

As a convention, most of the women don't want to get huge or look bulky. We all know how much 5 kg's of fat is, we just need to see that how do 5 kg of muscle mass look like. Muscle mass is a lot thicker and less volume consuming than fat and hence having the same weight, muscle mass will make you look leaner. On the other hand, a few pounds of muscle won't make you look big.

Anyone can have the proper guidance about this comparison about muscle and fat mass from a professional, among which most accessible to us is our gym coach. The comparison results are as surprising and they are life changing.

Calorie burn after gym


Doing cardio at the gym is the only time when you burn stored fat from your body, though the speed of fat burn is very fast while doing cardio after you lift weights your heart rate and metabolism become high which tends to burn calories after some time you come out of the gym. This is another benefit of lifting weights.

Workout professionals say this the post exercise effects or after burn benefits of weight lifting.

Workout type one: Use heavy weights

Tissues that cause muscle gain are only activated when we stress them. Which in turn means that even doing many repetitions of small weights, you will be unable to build muscles. Although diet and eating habits have a lot of effect on muscles the usage of heavy weights is a must for the growth of muscle mass.

Most women on diet avoid lifting heavy because of the mindset heavy lifts are only needed for getting big and that too it's only for men. So they get their lifts light because they don’t want to get big. All of them are just myths because to get big it takes a whole lot of different type of workout routines and diet plans.

When we get into deep, muscle building needs a high level of testosterone, which is not present in women, and hence they will not get big as easily as men.

By following the routine of low repetitions and heavy lifts, it will make your body burn more calories and will not let the body lose muscle that burns fat.

You have to use dumbbells for this routine as the machine will target at some specified body parts and avoid sitting and try to do as many exercises while standing.

Workout type 2: speed up and lift light

High repetitions with normal weight is also a good approach when it comes to calorie burning. Different type of muscle areas is targeted. This also helps in keeping the metabolism rate high.

This also improves the hormone that is responsible for fat loss.

These type of fibers have a faster recovery rate than the fiber focused on heavy lifting.

Take rest in very short intervals, this will keep a high heart rate and therefore more fat loss will happen.


Without any doubt, cardio loses weight but here we will talk about the benefits of weight lifting to lose weight. This is good workout routine for women.

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